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Laureltree Promotions is committed to helping our customers build a brand and boost sales. There are many aspects to successful marketing. Before you begin a marketing campaign consider the following:

Who is your customer?

Before you spend money on promotional items, you must identify who your customers are? What do they do? Where do they spend the majority of their time? You need to make sure your marketing dollars are working for you.

For instance, if you're a real estate agent, you might consider advertising on a marketing item that your potential customer would keep in their kitchen. A magnetic calendar for the refrigerator, a spatula or a wooden spoon. A post card, or a scratch pad. In order for your marketing campaign to succeed, your advertisement needs to be in front of your prospective customer for a long time. If your customers are in the construction industry, you might consider hard hats, or tape measures. In order to get more for your marketing dollars, supply a consumer valued piece of merchandise!

What is Promotional Marketing?

Promotional marketing is a business marketing strategy designed to stimulate a customer to take action towards a buying decision. Promotional marketing is a technique.

We have over 15,000 items from over 6,000 manufacturers at our fingertips to 'feed the imagination' and stimulate growth. We have a global sourcing network to acquire items that are truly unique.

We have aggressive criteria for:

  • Your marketing objectives
  • The contemporary look and style in items we select
  • Value - high quality items that will fit your budget

It is because of our high standards, we make a difference in delivering a "trinket" and a valuable marketing piece that works to keep your name in front of your customers! In order to attract a potential customer, you need to distract them first! Weather you're at a trade show, making a sales call, or direct mail marketing your goal is to get the attention in order to get the call! Laureltree Promotions is committed to helping you achieve your goals!

In this section of our website, we have listed the most popular marketing items. Please check back often, as we continuously update this portion of our website.

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